How to use the Email Disk Usage tool in cPanel to easily clean email accounts and delete emails

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The Email Disk Usage tool in cPanel is an easy way to check how much disk space each email account is using get a break down of that space by folders in each email account. It also allows you to delete emails based on specific values like how old or what size they are. Follow this guide to use it. However please be sure to have important emails backed up and stored safely on offline so they don't risk being lost.


Step 1 - Log in to cPanel (click here for a guide)


Step 2 - Click on the Email Disk Usage icon


Step 3 - (1) Select the Account menu to bring up the list of email accounts and then (2) select the email account you want to see the disk usage statistics for


You will see the breakdown of how many emails are in each folder


Step 4 - To delete emails, (1) click on Manage for the folder you want to delete emails from, (2) select what type of emails you want to delete then (3) click Delete Pernamently



If you want to for example, delete emails more than 6months old or 10MB in size, click on Custom Query then type a query string for what you want to delete before hitting Delete Pernamently


Here is a short list of some common queries you can use. Feel free to modify the values to suite your needs.


larger 1M - Deletes all emails larger than 1MB in size

savedbefore 20-May-2016 - Deletes all emails saved before 20/05/2016

from - Deletes all emails from email addresses that end in


You can find a comprehensive list of queries to use here:


If some emails are deleted by accident, and you're on a Personal, Business or Reseller plan, click here for a guide on restoring emails using our automated backups. If you have a Managed VPS just submit a support ticket with the details on what was deleted and we can do a restore for you.

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