How to add Mailchimp Authentication DNS settings in cPanel

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NOTE: This guide refers to the Advanced Zone Editor tool in cPanel. This tool is being phased out soon. We're working on updating our guides to use the Zone Editor. Until then, please click here for a guide to using the Zone Editor tool.


NOTE: Before you start, use a DNS checker like to check your Domain's nameservers. If your nameservers aren't ours (click here for a list) then your domain's DNS won't be with us and you will need to find out who it's with to set this up. Note that for VPS, Blaze and Reseller products you may have your own whitelabel nameservers and this is also fine.


Step 1 - Log in to Mailchimp:


Step 2 - Click on your name up the top, then Account



Step 3 - Click on Settings > Verified Domains



Step 4 - Click on the View setup instructions link



You will see a window that looks something like this:



Step 5 - Keep that window open, then open another window and Log into cPanel


Step 6 - Click on the Authentication icon



Step 7 - Click on the Enable button under SPF. If your SPF was already enabled that's fine :)



Your screen should now look like this:



Note that the "current raw SPF record" may have slightly different code to what's in the above picture.


Step 8 - Go back to the Mailchimp window and find the SPF record



Go back into cPanel and add the main portion of the record under the Includes section and add the record



Then hit Save down the bottom



Step 9 - Now click on the Home button in the top left to go back to the main cPanel screen



Step 10 - Click on the icon for the Advanced Zone Editor (or DNS Zone Editor)



Step 11 - Go into Mailchimp and take note of the DKIM records



Now go back into cPanel and add the record like this



Step 12 - Scroll down and find the SPF record you created earlier



Click on the TXT Data and scroll to the right, you will see the end of the SPF record looks ends with ~all



Change that to ?all and hit Edit Record



Now go back into Mail Chimp. Note that the record can take up to 4hrs to propagate. Wait a little while and click Authenticate Domain every so often. Once the authentication is successful, you will be done :)



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