How to change email settings and password on the iPhone

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Before you start, click here for a guide on getting the correct email server settings for your domain.


If your iPhone email isn't working, the first thing to do is check that you're not blocked on the firewall by visiting your mail server's webmail (eg: ). If your IP is blocked you will see a message stating your blocked IP and how to unblock it.


Once that's confirmed you should check and update your email settings.


Step 1 - Click on Settings




Step 2 - Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars (NOTE: Your screen may show these 3 separately, in that case just click on Mail)




Step 3 - Click on your email account




Step 4 - You'll want to make sure you have your email password. This will be the same password for your incoming and outgoing mail settings


Click here for instructions on accessing webmail, which can be used to test an email password if you're unsure.

If you need to change your email password click here for instructions. Note that if you do this, you will need to change your email password on all devices that email account is set up on


Step 5 - If you're able to receive email, skip this step. If you can't receive email, update your Incoming Mail Server settings and click Done




Step 6 - If you're unable to send email, you will need to update your outgoing mail settings. First, click on your SMTP server




Step 7 - Click on the Primary Server




Step 8 - Input the correct email settings and click Done. You will receive a confirmation email telling you whether or not the settings were input correctly.



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