How to import or export a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin

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 This guide is split into 2 parts:


How to Import a Database using PHPMyAdmin

Before you read this, click here for a tutorial on creating MySQL Databases. This needs to be done before you import data. If you have used Softaculous to install a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla, the database would have been created as part of the installation process.


Step 1 - Log into cPanel


Step 2 - Click on phpMyAdmin




Step 3 - Select the correct database from the left panel




Step 4 - Click the Import button




Step 5 - Select the database you wish to upload




6 - Click Go!






How to Export a Database using PHPMyAdmin

Step 1 - Log in to cPanel


Step 2 - Click on the PHPMyAdmin icon




Step 3 - Select the Database or the table you wish to export




Step 4 - Click on the Export option up the top




Step 5  - Click Go




NOTE: You can use the Custom option to change a whole host of settings relating to how the database will be output. However, for 99% of cases, this won't be required. You can also use the Format: option if you want the file to be output as a LaTeX, CSV, PDF or anything else other than the standard SQL format. Again, for most cases, this won't ever be required.


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