How do I setup email on Mac Mail?

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Follow the steps below to setup Mac Mail.

If you don't have any email accounts configured currently, Mac Mail will issue you with an account setup screen upon opening - In this case, there's no need to open the Prefences screen. Otherwise, you'll need to provoke this manually. Begin by clicking on the Mail menu, and clicking on Preferences.


On the Preferences screen, click the Accounts tab. Then, click the + button on the lower left to add a new account.

Now, we simply follow the steps to add the account. Begin by selecting Add Other Mail Account... (the last option) and click Continue (This is the screen you will be shown straight away if you didn't have any existing accounts setup).


Next, type in your Name (As you would like others to see it), your email address and the password for that account. Click Next. Mac Mail will attempt to automatically detect the account settings, this will often not work, at which point it will say that the account must be manually configured - click Next again.


Here, we put in the Incoming Mail Server details. Typically, this is:

Account Type

We recommend IMAP.

Either can be used depending on your needs and preferences.
Mail Server

Usually, this is your domain name with "mail." as a prefix, e.g.

The email address, e.g.
Password The password set for your account.



Next, on the Outgoing Mail Server details. As a rule of thumb, you simply want to use the exact same settings as the Incoming server. Finally, click Create.


While Mac Mail will allow you to proceed without inputting a username or password (suggesting it as being optional), our servers will not send mail properly without this information provided.

You should consider these fields as being required and fill them in accordingly.



You should now be done! You will be returned to the Accounts screen and the new account should be visible. Close this window and return to the main Mail window to begin using your mail.

I added the account, but I'm still having issues!

During the process of setting up an email account, Mac Mail does make a lot of assumptions as to the settings that should be used. While it will often work OK, it does sometimes have a tenancy to assume the wrong information. This can create email accounts that don't work correctly, or at all.

Furthermore, if someone has attempted to setup multiple accounts before, Mac Mail can become somewhat cluttered with numerous account details which clutter things up a bit.

This guide focuses purely on adding an account only, demonstrating what should happen in a perfect world. However, for a more detailed guide on how to assess and repair the settings for an instance of Mac Mail which is less compliant, please see this article on how to Fix & Reconfigure Mac Mail:

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