I am seeing a 'Not Trusted' SSL warning/error

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When accessing secure websites it is quite common to see a warning about the site or connection not being trusted.

The exact warning message you will get depending on your browser is:

  • Firefox - 'This Connection is Untrusted'
  • Opera - 'Invalid Certificate'
  • Chrome - 'The site's security certificate is not trusted!'
  • IE - 'There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.'
  • Safari - 'Safari can't verify the identity of the website'

If you see any of these warnings it is because your browser does not trust the SSL certificate as it is not signed by an Certificate Authority (CA) that the browser trusts.

The two most common reasons for this warning are:

  • The website is using a self-signed/free SSL certificate.
  • The website is using a private SSL certificate but it is missing a CA certificate.

The solution in the first case is to purchase a SSL certificate which is issued for the specific domain by a trusted authority.

The solution in the second case is to have the SSL certificate reinstalled with the correct CA bundle. The CA bundle is provided by the SSL vendor and should be included in the private SSL package.

While you can bypass the warnings by clicking on 'Proceed' or 'Add Exception' (or a similar option) it is highly recommended to implement one of the above solutions.

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