How do I modify my DNS records?

To make it easier to get in touch with us, from the 24th of March 2016 all support tickets will need to be submitted from your Crucial Control Panel.

If you have a Webhosting or Reseller package and wish to edit the DNS settings for a domain listed on the account (either as the primary domain, an add-on domain or a parked domain) you are able to do this through cPanel, provided the domain is set to use Crucial’s nameservers.

If you have a VPS, even one with WHM/cPanel, then you will either need to install a DNS server which is beyond the scope of this article or contact us to have updates made.

The record types you can add are listed at the end of the article.

To update DNS in cPanel, complete the following steps.

  1. Access cPanel by browsing to http://your-domain-name/cpanel, ensuring to replace 'your-domain-name' with your actual domain
  2. Login using the details provided in the welcome email

  3. Click on the 'Advanced DNS Zone Editor' located under 'Domains'

  4. Modify the DNS records as needed

  5. When adding a record, clicking on 'Add Record' will automatically save the change

If your domain's nameservers are pointing to another hosting company then you will need to contact them to get these details updated.

The records you can add are as follows: (MX records are covered separately)

A This record directly translate to an IP address
CNAME This record points to another domain name
TXT This record provides additional information and can be used for domain verification, SPF, as well as other uses
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