How does third party monitoring work?

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There are various services available to monitor the availability and uptime of your service, these can be really useful as they give you detailed reporting and data on the performance of your service.

If I have monitoring with Crucial, why would I need third party monitoring?

If you don't have a managed service, it can be useful to use a third party service to get performance and uptime insights in a way that's easy to understand.

An example of some popular monitoring services and how they can be useful are as follows:


This is a popular choice for people wanting to monitor the performance and uptime of their services, as it gives alerts when your server is unreachable.

New Relic

This service gives a great overview of the performance of your server in an easy to understand format.

How does third party monitoring work, and can I trust the results to be accurate?

Third party monitoring works by having an external service constantly pinging and querying your live server, to monitor it's performance and check it's uptime, however as the monitoring service is external from your server with us, there can be issues with the network route when connecting to the server, or perhaps the monitoring service being blocked by your server.

These situations can result in false positives, where the monitoring service says that your site is down, when in reality your service was up, and there was a specific issue with the monitoring system detecting that.

Our internal systems prevent this by always being whitelisted on the services they're monitoring, and being located in the same physical location, minimising the risk of transit issues.

If your third party monitoring tool is showing a downtime, let us know immediately and we will investigate and advise on what the issue was.

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