How do I generate a CSR in cPanel?

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You can follow the steps below to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) in cPanel to use for the ordering of a SSL certificate.

  1. Access cPanel by browsing to http://your-domain-name/cpanel, ensuring to replace 'your-domain-name' with your actual domain

  2. Browse to the 'SSL/TLS Manager'

  3. Click on 'Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests.'

  4. Leave the Key Size as 2,048 bits

    Ensure you provide accurate and truthful information as the details are reviewed by the Certificate Authority. 
  5. Fill in the fields marked as 'Required' on this page
  • Domains - Provide the Fully Qualified Domain Names that you wish to secure. If you are using a wildcard certificate use * 
  • City - City of the associated business or site owner.
  • State - State of the associated business / site owner.
  • Country - Country of associated business / site owner
  • Company / Organization Name - This should be your business or organisation name. If this is for a personal site, then just put your site's name for example. 
  • Company Division - This is generally used to identify which company / business department, team is responsible. For example 'Technology'.
  • Email Address - Email contact for SSL configuration. Can be a distribution list.
  • Passphrase - This is an optional field, only use it if your Certificate Authority requires it.
  • Description - This is also an optional field, feel free to include a description of the SSL certificate.

  6. Hit Generate once you have completed the CSR generation. 


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