How to update your email client settings

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This guide will run you through changing the Incoming and Outgoing mailserver settings for Outlook 2013 and Thunderbird.

Outlook 2013

  1. First, open your Outlook 2013
  2. Then select File in the top left-hand corner
  3. Navigate to Account settings then select Account Settings... 

  4. Then select the account you wish to change the settings for and click Change

  5. Navigate to 'Server Information', here is your Incoming and Outgoing mail server settings

    As seen in the screenshot the incoming and outgoing server is set to you would replace this with your domain name

  6. Then select More Settings... down in the right hand corner of the Change Account window
  7. Select the Outgoing Server tab and ensure that the following box has been ticked if it isn't already

  8. After this has been done, hit Next so the email settings are verified. 
    Please note, this process is also quite similar for previous versions of Outlook.



  1. First, open your Thunderbird mail client
  2. Then right-click the email account you wish to edit, after this select Settings for this account 
  3. Then select Server Settings and update the 'Server Name' to

  4. After this has been done, Select the Outgoing Server (SMTP) option in the menu
  5. Ensure that you update the Server Name and the Username (this will be your email address) if it is not already set correctly 

  6. Once this has been complete click Ok. Note, that this process may differ for older versions of Thunderbird however the details included in the guide are still relevant.

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