How to automatically setup email in Thunderbird

To make it easier to get in touch with us, from the 24th of March 2016 all support tickets will need to be submitted from your Crucial Control Panel.

If you are on our Web Hosting or Reseller services, you will be able to make use of the automatic email setup in Thunderbird.

To set this up, complete the following.

  1. First, open your Thunderbird 
  2. Then, under Create new account select Email


  3. When prompted if you would like a new email address, select Skip this and use my existing email 


  4. After this, you will be presented with the following setup menu. It will ask you for your NameEmail Address and Password


  5. After this, select Continue. If the credentials you have supplied are correct, this will then give you an option to either select IMAP or POP3 configuration.      

    From here, you can also initiate a Manual config if desired.

  6. Once you have selected the desired mail protocol, choose Done. This will then verify that the password is correct and provision the email account.

    If you need to set this up account manually, then you can do so with this guide.
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