How do add or manage Users (Licenses) in my Google Apps account?

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In order to add more users, you'll need extra licences. You can easily acquire more via your Crucial account.

First, login to your account, and go to My Services.

Next, click on your Google Apps service.

Within the details of your Google Apps service, click on Purchase Extra Users.

Note on the right hand side, you can see how many licences you have allocated, and how many you have total. If you have licences that aren't already in use, you will be able to use those to create new user accounts without purchasing more licences.

Use the slider to change the amount of licences you have.

Note: If you have surplus licences you no longer need, you can also reduce the licences here. However, you cannot reduce the amount of licences below the amount of users that you have (as each user will be allocated a licence which is in use). If you wish to reduce the amount of licences further, you will first need to remove some user accounts.

Click Proceed, and follow through the prompts to organise payment for the additional licences. Once paid, the licences will become available for use in order to create more users.

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