How do I validate my domain to work with Google Apps?

To make it easier to get in touch with us, from the 24th of March 2016 all support tickets will need to be submitted from your Crucial Control Panel.

Before you can setup your domain to work with Google Apps, you must first prove that you own the domain and have the necessary ability to make changes to it. This process is referred to as Domain Validation. This may also be referred to as Domain Verification.

To validate the domain, login to your Crucial Control Panel, and click on My Services.

Next, click on your Google Apps service.

Then, click on the Activation Steps button.

Automatic Validation

For some domains, we may be able to perform the validation steps automatically for you. As a rule of thumb, if we are already hosting your website and DNS, this functionality should be available to you.

If your domain is able to be validated automatically, you should see a Setup My Domain button within the Validation step on the Activation Page. Simply click this button, and we will attempt to validate the domain automatically.

Please be aware that this may take a few minutes.

Manual Validation

If validation cannot be performed automatically, you will need to perform the validation manually. 

Validation requires placing a special piece of code in a particular place, which Google Apps will then check to see if it exists. The code supplied is unique to your domain. The Activation Steps will display the specific information you need to use.

There are four methods you can use to validate the domain. This allows for alternatives should one method not be applicable or possible for your particular domain.

Note: You only need to complete one form of validation. You do not need to perform multiple.

The four options are:

TXT Record

On your DNS Nameservers, create a TXT record with the code provided into the record.

CNAME Record

On your DNS Nameservers, create a CNAME record with the details provided. The first code is for the hostname / subdomain, and the second code is the target or destination of the record.


Click the link to download a .html file to your computer. Then, you will need to upload this file to your website. Make sure this is in the 'base' or 'root' folder, it cannot be placed in a subfolder on your domain. In other words, the same place where all of your website's other files reside.

Note: the file must be intact - do not rename the file, and do not change its contents.

Usually, you would use FTP to place this file on your web server.

Meta Tag

This is a small snippet of HTML code that you can insert on the main page of your website - the page people see when they visit your website, eg, without anything after the domain name (eg: won't work).

This can be inserted anywhere on your page. Typically, the modification would be made in your index.html or index.php files.

Once you have chosen one of these methods and made the appropriate change, click the Check My Domain button. Google Apps will then look for each of these changes, and if one is found to have been applied correctly, the validation will complete.

Validation Completion

When successful, either by Automatic or Manual steps, the Validation instructions will close and be marked with a green tick.

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