Enabling Less Secure Apps

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To increase security, Google Apps will enforce strict policies to ensure high standards of connectivity security are met. However, this has the unfortunate consequence of creating incompatibility with older devices and software.

If you're trying to setup an account on a computer or device, and it keeps failing (typically saying that the password is wrong) even when you're sure the details you're using are correct, these policies are likely affecting you.

To remedy this, it is possible to instruct Google to allow support for less secure apps, which can help with compatibility.


Enabling Less Secure Apps - Per User

First, begin by logging into your account at https://accounts.google.com. When logged in, click on Sign-In and security.

On the following page, scroll to the bottom, and under the Connected apps & sites heading, locate the Allow less secure apps option. Typically, it is the option at the very bottom of the page.

Simply toggle the setting from Off to On.


Now simply try setting up your software or device again. With this setting enabled, you'll often now be able to proceed without any problems.



Enabling Less Secure Apps - Global

If the option to enable less secure apps is not available (i.e. it's not listed under the Connected apps and sites heading), or you want to configure this for all of your users in one go, the administrator for your account can give you access to this setting, or enable it for all users globally.

To give your users / accounts access to this setting, begin by logging into your admin account on the Admin Console at https://admin.google.com. If you have Managed Google Apps with Crucial, you can also log into this interface by accessing the service within your Crucial account.

On the main page of the Admin Console, click the Security icon.

Next, click on Basic Settings, and click on the Go to settings for less secure apps link.

On the next page, you can select the desired setting.

  • Disable access to less secure apps for all users

    .. does exactly what it claims. Users will not have the option to toggle this option within their accounts, and will be bound by a strict policy.

  • Allow users to manage their access to less secure apps

    This gives your users the ability to toggle this setting on or off, as outlined above. Keep in mind the default is Off, so if you enable this, those users will still need to to into each of their accounts to toggle this where necessary.

  • Enforce access to less secure apps for all users

    This will enable access for less secure apps for all users on your domain / organisation. Users will not have access to view or disable this setting.

When done, click Save in the lower-right corner of the page to apply the setting.

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