How do I setup Whitelabel Nameservers ?

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You can set up your name servers in 3 simple steps

1. Create your name server Glue Records.
2. Create your name server A-Records.
3. Setup your name servers in WHM.

How do I create my glue records?

You will need to set up your Glue Records with the following IPs => your.server.ip.address => your.server.ip.address2

How do I setup my nameserver A-Records?

This sets up the the DNS Records in WHM

1. In WHM, click DNS Functions -> Edit DNS Zone.


2. Select your domain and click Edit.

3. Underneath the "Add New Entries Below this Line" add the following entries

4. Click Save.

How do I update my nameserver A-Records?

This updates Nameserver A Records already setup in WHM

1. In WHM, click DNS Functions -> Edit DNS Zone.

2. Select your domain and click Edit.

3. From here, you can locate your ns1 and ns2 A Record entries and edit them as required.

4. Click Save.

How do I setup my whitelabel nameservers in WHM?

This sets up the default name servers for the entire account. This only effects new accounts. Existing accounts keep their current name servers.

1. In WHM, click "Basic WebHost Manager".

2. Replace the information after "Nameserver 1:" with your primary white label name server (Example:

3. Replace the information after "Nameserver 2:" with your secondary white label name server (Example:

4. Finally, click Save Changes.


Registering Your Private Nameservers

The vast majority of registrars do not charge their customers any extra fee for registering nameservers as long as the main domain name itself has already been purchased.

If you registered the domain yourself:
If you are setting up nameservers for a domain name that you own, which you also purchased yourself at a domain registrar, you will need to login to your account at that same registrar and use their tool to register the new names.

For example, if you are setting up and, and you purchased from GoDaddy, you would need to login to your GoDaddy account in order to register the new nameservers.

Once you have found the tool/page you need at your registrar’s web site the registration itself is very straightforward. Most registrars use a simple form where you enter in the name of the nameserver you wish to create and the corresponding IP address (that we obtained from the steps described above).


Pointing Your Domain(s) at Your New Nameservers

The final step in creating your own nameservers is to start using them by correctly pointing your domain(s). Log in to your registrar and edit the assigned nameservers so that it now points at your new nameserver names.

Please note that if you change a domain’s nameservers the domain will temporarily stop working while the new settings propagate throughout the entire internet. If downtime is a critical issue for your domain we recommend you make this during a weekend or late at night when traffic is likely to be low.

Now that your domain is pointing at your server’s nameservers you can use the DNS tools in the WHM and cPanel interfaces to modify your zone files!

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