Set Shopify DNS Settings

To make it easier to get in touch with us, from the 24th of March 2016 all support tickets will need to be submitted from your Crucial Control Panel.

Set Shopify DNS Settings

Before starting, make sure that your domain's Nameservers are pointing to Crucial. The easiest way to do this is to check your domain on The first nameserver should be


1 - Go to and click Login in the top right



2  - Add your login details and click login



3 - Click on Online Store



4 - Click Login



5 - Click Add existing domain



6 - Type in your domain name and click Add Domain



7 - Take note of the A record and hit Done



8 - Log into cPanel

Make sure you do this in a new window and leave the Shopify window open.

NOTE: The next few steps are only valid if you're using Digital Pacific's nameservers. You can confirm this by testing your domain at Our nameservers start with or If you're not using our nameservers you'll need to contact you regstrar/nameserver provider for instructions on editing DNS records


9 - Click on the Advance DNS Zone Editor icon



10 - Find your main A record, click Edit, change the Address and hit Edit Record



11 - Go back to the Shopify window and click Complete Setup



12 - Take note of the CNAME in step 2 and hit Done



13 - Find the www. CNAME for your domain, hit Edit, change the CNAME record and click Edit Record



14 - Go back to the shopify window. You'll know when a record has propagated when you see a green OK next to it. Once both records say OK your domain will be pointing correctly to Spotify. You can hit f5 on your keyboard to refresh the page



If you need more help with your Shopify site please visit

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