WordPress - Clean / Optimise The Database

To make it easier to get in touch with us, from the 24th of March 2016 all support tickets will need to be submitted from your Crucial Control Panel.

How to Clean and Optimise The WordPress Database

Cleaning up the Database is a great way to improve your website speed and reduce the database size. After completing this guide, you may be able to further optimise the database through phpMyAdmin (click here for that guide)


Step 1 - Log into WordPress, then Install and Activate the WP-Sweep plugin



Step 2 - Click on Sweep under the Tools section



Step 3 - Take note of this warning. This process is unlikely to cause any trouble, but it's a good idea to be prepared, just in case. If you have a Web Hosting or Reseller service click here for a guide on using our backups to restore the database should things go wrong. If you have a Managed VPS, submit a support ticket through https://control.crucial.com.au/clientarea.php and we can do the restore for you. Backups on Barebones and Control Panel VPS are optional. Submit a support ticket if you're unsure and we can resend the login details to you. Alternatively, you can backup the database directly from phpMyAdmin (click here for a guide).



Step 4 - Scroll down to the bottom and click Sweep All. if your database is large, this may take a few minutes to complete.


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