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How To Fix Email Settings in Mac Mail (new versions)

If your email account has stopped working, an update or crash may have caused some settings to change. This guide will take you through the email settings so you can go through and fix everything up.

Before you start:
A) Make sure you have the correct email settings for your account. Click here for a guide on finding your correct email settings. Other than the username (Email Address) and password, all settings will be exactly the same for all email accounts on the same domain.
B) If you're unsure what your email password is, click here for a guide on how to change it


Step 1 - Click on Mail > Preferences



Then click Accounts, select the email account you want to fix, and click Server Settings



Step 2 -
(1) Untick "Automatically Manage", as Mac Mail can automatically use the wrong settings
(2) Make sure the Username for Incoming and Outgoing is the full email address
(3) If your password is in there, keep it as it is. Come back to this and re-add the password if your email still fails after checking the other settings. Same password for both incoming and outgoing.
(4) Add your host name / incoming or outgoing server. It will be the same for both.
(5) Tick Use TLS/SSL and make sure the correct port is in (IMAP: 993, POP: 995, SMTP: 465)
(6) Click on Advanced IMAP Settings (If you're Incoming Mail Server says POP, rather than IMAP, skip this and Step 3, instead just hit Save down the bottom left)



NOTE: On rare occasions, due to some network settings on your router/firewall/office network, the SSL settings above don't work. If you continue having problems, try these settings instead.



Step 3 - (1) Set the IMAP Path Prefix to INBOX, then (2) click OK and (3) click Save


NOTE: On rare occasions, you will still get a password error, even after double checking that you've added in the correct password. If this happens, do this:

Step 1 - Click on the settings icon


Then click on Internet Accounts



Step 2 - Select the email you're having trouble with then click Mail Account



Step 3 - Update your password here and click Sign In


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